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With business expertise and being highly aware of the outcomes of changes made, Jean Claude Chalhoub ( was relocated into a managerial role by his father. Jean Claude Chalhoub went on to expand the organisation in numerous other regions including France, Canada and Latin America. He founded and established several different chains of the organisation, omitting the group.

Jean Claude Chalhoub: His Early Years

In the latter half of the 50's, Jean Claude Chalhoub was born in Egypt to a corporate family. Looking at his life, it becomes very clear that his identity was shaped mostly by his family and place of birth. The father of Jean Claude Chalhoub is the founder of a worldwide insurance and reinsurance business. His country of birth has seen a tremendous influx of tourists from all over the world; this no doubt helped him become familiar with a range of languages, such as Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian and English.

Entering the Family Business

Starting out as a member of staff, Jean Claude Chalhoub was afforded the privilege of learning from his father’s everyday actions. By taking advantage of this chance, he was able to learn the intricacies of business management. Jean Claude Chalhoub became a member of staff with his family’s organisation after completing his studies in France. His job as an everyday employee thoroughly equipped him as a leader to manage the business in a manner that nobody else was able to. His family organisation has set him up with the basic foundation for his career-growth, through which he receives valuable facilitation to thrive in his professional life.

The marvels in the world captivate him. To see them with his own eyes, he often journeys overseas. Wine and antique collection are just some of the passions of Jean Claude Chalhoub. Horse racing is another of Jean Claude Chalhoub's loves. To such an extent that, in order to better enjoy his passion, he purchased a horse, which contends in competitions worldwide.

Personal Skills of Jean Claude Chalhoub

He can use multiple languages, a skill that enables him to communicate successfully with customers. Jean Claude Chalhoub is endowed with extraordinary communications skills; these help him to engender a superior level of trust amongst the individuals that he interacts with. As a young businessman in the insurance and reinsurance industry, Jean Claude Chalhoub possesses some great personal abilities. His capacity to speak and understand numerous languages has helped him to understand the characteristics of different markets that the business operates in.

Jean Claude Chalhoub's Education

Starting his academic pursuits in Egypt, Jean Claude Chalhoub ultimately went to France to start his economics degree. Great customer relationships, along with understanding, are two important things that he has the power to offer due to his language competence and education. His home country and parents helped Jean Claude Chalhoub to begin his education early.